custom work mugDon’t have time to paint it yourself, or want a professional’s touch? Hire us for custom work! Create It has a staff of very talented artists to help you create personalized & memorable gifts perfect for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, teacher appreciations or any occasion.

  • We can customized platters, plates, bowls, vases, pretty much anything you can think of!
  • Hand/footprint designs: Come into the studio, let us help you paint the prints & then WE can finish is for you!
  • Signature platters are a unique way to capture a special time. Take it to your event after its been glazed & fired, guests can sign it with a special pen & you can finish it off in your home oven!

How It Works

  1. Choose the pottery piece
  2. Meet with the artist to design your custom piece
  3. Give us all the personal information to go on the pottery
  4. Creative process begins, please allow 14-21 days for custom painted pottery.custom work

We also have a range of pre-painted pottery that can be personalized with a name, date or message with an after-fire pen for more last minute gifts!


Artist fee is $45 per hour + cost of the pottery piece.

Contact Us

Let us know if you have any questions!