Tutorial: Herringbone Mug


  • Bisque Mug
  • Black Underglaze Paint in a Funwriter Bottle

How to:

  1. Make sure your mug is clean and dry.
  2. Paint! I tried using a tiny brush, but it didn’t work very well. I found that squeezing the paint out of the funwriter bottle (bottle filled with paint and a tip attached to it)  worked best. It looks a little gloopy in places, but I really like the overall effect. If you mess up let it dry & scratch it off with a toothpick. The paint is completely food safe, so paint a fun color inside!
  3. Once you’ve finished your masterpiece hand it off to a staff assistant. They will glaze and fire it. When you come back to pick up your mug it will be food safe & ready to use.







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