12 Creative Ways To Paint Pottery Using Handprints

Paint Pottery Using Handprints

What better way to create memorable keepsakes than to paint pottery using handprints. It’s a great way to remember how small your kids were and to see how much they’ve grown over the years. Sometimes coming up with creative ways to paint pottery can be a difficult task, and incorporating handprints can make it even more difficult, so we’ve compiled this list from Instagram to help inspire you.

These 12 unique pieces were showcased by various paint your own pottery studios on Instagram. Each piece found a wonderful way to add a personal twist to using handprints with pottery painting.


1. Animal Prints from @colormeminevoorhees


By @colormeminevoorhees

I spy a tiger, zebra, cheetah, and a giraffe. Definitely a wild bunch.



2. An Elephant or a Crab from @hjemoghjerte


By @hjemoghjerte


3. Tool belt for Dad from @paintnstation


By @paintnstation

The ruler edge is definitely a nice subtle touch to complete this. What a great piece to hang in Dad’s work area.



4. A Spaceship from @themudpiecompany


By @themudpiecompany


5. Owls from @pots2go


By @pots2go


6. Monkeys from @potstopknebworth


By @potstopknebworth


7. Love from @bakedinbklyn


By @bakedinbklyn


8. Frankenstein from @kilncreations


By @kilncreations


9. Flower Garden from @colormeminevoorhees


By @colormeminevoorhees


10. Single Flower from @brushwithart


By @brushwithart


11. A Heart from @paintapot1


By @paintapot1


12. A Tree from @createitceramics


By @createitceramics

This last piece is of an apple tree with a grandmother’s grandchildren using both handprints and footprints.



We hope this list has been helpful for your next project. Be sure to check our blog often for new ideas and inspirations.

5 Beautiful Paint Your Own Pottery Mug Creations from Instagram


Deciding On a Paint Your Own Pottery Mug Can Be a Difficult Decision.

A paint your own pottery mug is one of the most popular pieces to make at a paint your own pottery studio. At Create It, we love seeing what others around the world are painting on their mugs through Instagram. We’ve put together a list of our favorite paint your own pottery mug designs for this month for you to check out and be inspired.


1. Tree etching by @hjemoghjerte

Here’s a very romantic, yet subtle, mug to paint for a loved one.

Paint your own pottery mug idea

Initial etching on a tree by @hjemoghjerte

2. Beymax by @pastel_mio

Who doesn’t love Beymax? We should all have a Beymax mug.

paint your own pottery mug idea beymax

Beymax mugs by @pastel_mio


3. Emmet from The Lego Movie by @cmmreddeer

Emmet is either shocked you’re going to drink out of him or he’s spotted Lord Business!


The Lego Movie by @cmmreddeer


4. Birds on a wire by @prismstudio15

Gorgeous silhouettes of birds hanging out on a wire.


Birds on a wire by @prismstudio15


5. Simple elephant by @allfiredupintusk

This painting of an elephant’s tush is adorable!


Simple elephant by @allfiredupintusk


We hope you’ve enjoyed this list and have found some inspiration for your next paint your own pottery mug! Be sure to follow us on Instagram @createitceramics.

Want To Make An Amazing Mother’s Day Gift?

pottery painting mothers day plate glazed

Mother’s Day Gift Idea

Are you struggling to find the perfect gift to get your mother for Mother’s Day? Drop by our studio and follow this tutorial on how to make a wonderful and unique gift. Use your fingerprints to create the petals of a bouquet and include a heartfelt message to show how much your mother means to you this Mother’s Day.

Supplies Needed

  • Brushes
  • Fun Writers
  • Paint
  • Bisque



Step 1 – Draw An Outline.



Step 2 – Use Fingerprints As Flower Petals.



Step 3 – Add The Leaves And Stems.



Step 4 – Outline Accents To Create Depth.



Step 5 – Add A Message And It’s Ready To Fire.



Step 6 – Now You Have An Amazing Mother’s Day Gift!



Learn more about our firing process here.

4 Easy Steps On How To Paint Pottery

How To Paint Pottery

1. Choose your bisque.

how to paint pottery owls

2. Pick your paint colors.  All of our paints are water-based so they are easy to clean up and won’t stain clothing. We recommend three coats of each color of paint. We also have special glazes, matte paints and cool techniques if you’re interested in something a little different. All glazes are 100% non-toxic and washable, so smocks are not needed.

Create It Paint Brushes


3. Leave your finished piece with us, we will glaze & fire it.


4. We’ll give you a call in 7 days when it’s ready for pick up. After firing, your finished piece will be completely food safe and functional. To preserve your piece for years to come, we recommend hand washing.


For more info: