Want To Make An Amazing Mother’s Day Gift?

pottery painting mothers day plate glazed

Mother’s Day Gift Idea

Are you struggling to find the perfect gift to get your mother for Mother’s Day? Drop by our studio and follow this tutorial on how to make a wonderful and unique gift. Use your fingerprints to create the petals of a bouquet and include a heartfelt message to show how much your mother means to you this Mother’s Day.

Supplies Needed

  • Brushes
  • Fun Writers
  • Paint
  • Bisque



Step 1 – Draw An Outline.



Step 2 – Use Fingerprints As Flower Petals.



Step 3 – Add The Leaves And Stems.



Step 4 – Outline Accents To Create Depth.



Step 5 – Add A Message And It’s Ready To Fire.



Step 6 – Now You Have An Amazing Mother’s Day Gift!



Learn more about our firing process here.

4 Easy Steps On How To Paint Pottery

How To Paint Pottery

1. Choose your bisque.

how to paint pottery owls

2. Pick your paint colors.  All of our paints are water-based so they are easy to clean up and won’t stain clothing. We recommend three coats of each color of paint. We also have special glazes, matte paints and cool techniques if you’re interested in something a little different. All glazes are 100% non-toxic and washable, so smocks are not needed.

Create It Paint Brushes


3. Leave your finished piece with us, we will glaze & fire it.


4. We’ll give you a call in 7 days when it’s ready for pick up. After firing, your finished piece will be completely food safe and functional. To preserve your piece for years to come, we recommend hand washing.


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