owl ceramic pottery paintingWant to paint pottery? It starts with the bisque. “Bisque” is the stage that the pottery is in when it’s ready to paint. We have over 150 different pieces of bisque, including 5 styles of dinnerware and various shapes and sizes of platters. We also carry mugs, bowls, vases, tiles, chip and dip trays, banks, figurines, and just about anything else you can think of to suit your artistic vision.

All ages and abilities are welcome to create – you don’t need to be an artist to paint but we will make sure you will finish feeling like one!

How It Works

Relax and let your creativity flow and run wild. We have endless color palettes to choose from. Browse our studio instagram @createitceramics for inspiration. We teach you how to use patterns, stencils, and stamps. Water-based markers disappear during the firing process, so you can draw a design.  Our creative staff is there to provide tips and techniques. Ask us, that’s what we are here for!

  1. Choose your bisque, something functional or fun!
  2. Pick your paint colors. All of our paints are water-based so they are easy to clean up and won’t stain clothing. We recommend three coats of each color of paint.  All glazes are 100% non-toxic and washable, so smocks are not needed.
  3. Follow instructions from our creative staff for the best results.
  4. Return your finished piece to us, we will glaze & fire it.
  5. You will receive an email in 7-14 days when it’s ready for pick up. After firing, your finished piece will be completely food safe and functional. To preserve your piece for years to come, we recommend handwashing.paint pottery

In a time crunch? We have several options for you!

  • Rush Firing Fee $30 = We can get your piece fired in as few as 3 days!
  • Gift the pottery kit = Pick a piece, we’ll pack it with paint, brushes & instructions ready to gift! When they are finished creating, they bring it back for glazing & firing!
  • Acrylic Painting = For fun pieces like banks, figurines & frames (non-food pottery), you can paint them with acrylic paint, no need for glazing & firing!


We’re all inclusive!

  • Prices vary but include pottery, paint, materials, glazing & firing.
  • Prices range from $20-$75.
Contact Us

Let us know if you have any questions!